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This website aims to help communities, governments, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and private businesses start or enhance community-based oral health programs for older adults. With two main components—a searchable database of community-based oral health programs and The Community Guide to Adult Oral Health Program Implementation (Oral Health Guide)—this website offers access to essential tools for planning, designing, and implementing a new program or replicating or expanding an existing program. If you are an individual seeking oral health care, please visit the ToothWisdom website for help finding oral health care across the United States.

Searchable Database of Community Programs

Searchable Categories
  • Age
  • Specific populations
  • Geography
  • Service delivery setting
  • Service delivery model
  • Staffing
  • Payment for care
  • Program funding
  • Dental and oral health services
  • Other program services
  • Integration with services

Visit the Find a Program page to search through approximately 200 community-based oral health programs, across the nation, in 11 categories. You can replicate one of these programs or adapt it to meet a specific need in your community. Or, you can design your own program, drawing from the experiences of included programs. You’ll also find contact information (as available) for each program in its profile in the database.

Select All Programs for an alphabetical list of all the oral health programs in the database.

Oral Health Guide

The Community Guide to Adult Oral Health Program Implementation (Oral Health Guide) leads you step by step through the program development process, from assessing your community’s need for such services to ultimately evaluating your established program’s effectiveness—and everything in between. In addition, the Oral Health Guide contains templates, worksheets, and other interactive resources related to target population selection; vision, mission, and goals development; program design and implementation; partnership-building; funding; and more.

For additional resources, continue exploring this website. Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page.